1. Our Mission © 2004-2018 SMO-HARDCORE.COM (Celebrating 14 Years)

    You Race Clean
    You Race with Respect towards other drivers
    You must have a lot of FUN.

    1. At Minimum, a DSL or better type connection is required to race at SMO.
    2. STEERING WHEEL IS MANDATORY to race at SMO. Joysticks and/or Keyboards/Keypads are NOT ACCEPTED.
    3. Make sure you are in the right car # and your login name is correct BEFORE you login to the server.
    4. You must be a minimum of 18yrs old. If you are younger than the age of 18, then you must send an email to: smo-hardcore@charter.net and request permission to race. You will get a reply email asking you questions. You must answer them honestly by return email. Once the admins have read your reply then you will be contacted with further instructions. You will have to show that you can race with Adults if you are not 18 or older.
    5. EFFECTIVE June 1st, 2014: Teamspeak will be MANDATORY to race at SMO. Minimum requirements will be logging in so YOU can hear what is going on during the race. Although, being required to talk to us is preferred, but talking will only be optional.
    6. Working Equipment: Make sure your equipment is properly working. Losing brakes in the middle of a race is almost unheard of with Sim Racing, but I guess if it's an electronic failure or power issue then it can happen. If your equipment fails during a race, whether it starts working again or not, you will be asked to park for the rest of the race and possible points deduction if found that your equipment was working fine and a deliberate action was taken using this excuse. No questions asked, you could be banned indefinite for such actions. Think before you do something stupid.
    ALSO YOU MUST GO READ AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THE RACE PROCEDURES, this is in the forums under IMPORTANT LEAGUE NEWS, the title is called: click here.. Race Procedures

    Please see our website for all the rules and procedures at SMO.