1. Disclaimer
    1.1) These rules may change at anytime. And any sections with ** have been Modified and need reading. 1.2) SWM reserves the right to reject or eject any member at anytime for any reason. As long as you do not cause problems to anyone running in the league or anyone in general you should not have any problems. 1.3) This league is run for fun. Not for headaches. If you are not having fun don't race. Fun is what this is all about. 1.4) Most importantly have fun and be nice. We will listen to the drivers the very best we can and make this the best league there is. We will try and make everything as clear as possible. If you know the rules you should know what to expect and what is expected of you. 1.5) We will be accepting applications from a wide variety of drivers. If you do not like racing guys you don’t know or are not willing to help a struggling driver along please do not enter this league. For the over all excitement of the league there will be a different variety of driver talents. Some aggressive, some smart, and some controversial.